Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky * Rafał Alexander Łuszczewski


"I had the great pleasure earlier this year to hear Mr Lustchevsky play. His command of the instrument is masterfully impressive - I had the impression that there was nothing he could not do on the piano - he has a great sound, thrilling technique and posesses that rare gift of making you feel he is playing for you especially. On this occasion he was greeted with thunderous applause, confirming my impression.

If you have the chance to listen to this remarkable young man play I am sure you will be as I was, spellbound."

Sir James Galway, OBE

"Rafael A. Luszczewski belongs to the limited group of the very best Polish pianists of the younger generation. He confirmed his standing with numerous prizes and performances of a vast piano repertoire at renowned music festivals throughout the whole world. He is an artist whose technical purity of performance is perfectly blended with inteligence, temperament and rich musical imagination.

We have also widely discussed pedagogical issues and teaching methods (...). Therefore I know well he is an engaged and successful educator whose work brings excellent educational results. Rafael A. Luszczewski possesses an extensive musical and general knowledge, together with linguistic skills to support his work and commitment."

Prof. Andrzej Jasiński

"Herr Rafael A. Luszczewski ist ein hervorragender Pianist, ein vollblütiger Künstler; sehr intelligent, sensibel und eine starke Persönlichkeit, was bewirkt, dass er nach jedem Konzert wieder engagiert ist. 

Er ist gleichzeitig ein erstklassiger Pädagoge, vielseitiger Kammermusiker und Dirigent. Wichtig ist auch seine positive Ausstrahlung, was macht ihm beliebt bei Studenten und populär zwischen den Kollegen."

Prof. Wanda Wilkomirska

"What a delight to have Raphael Lustchevsky with us at the Conservatorium! He is a consummate musician who engaged his audience and lifted them in a vibrant and sparkling concert performance. His manner with them was wonderful.
His work with the university students was first class and his work with the Young Conservatorium students, high school aged musicians, was superb. He invited them to trust and then they gave of their very best. It was quite inspiring to watch.

Most of all he was a magnificent ambassador for Poland and for music. You should be proud of him! Thank you very much for the opportunity to have him visit us over these few days."

Ralph Hultgren
Head, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Brisbane / Australia

"Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky is a wonderful pianist and distinct artistic personality. I highly recommend him for his special talent."

Eugene Indjic
Paris / France

"You interpret Chopin with great taste in understanding it, which is very rare today. I am captivated by your 'chopinese' subtleness, timbre, dimension in the approach to the keyboard, great sense of the palette of pure Chopin nuances.
Excellent performance, worked out very thoroughly, that gives the impression of ease as it flows with the highlighting the wonderful cantilena and, at the same time, with profundity in recreating Chopin's thoughts and wishes.

Bravo Maestro! You belong to the few Chopinists who still play this way the music of our greatest Pole, the most famous in the whole world. One should be worthy of interpreting his work. And you have that honor, pride and dignity.

Prof. Bożena Schmid-Adamczyk
musicologist, Geneva / Switzerland

"I wanted to tell you how moved I was by your recital - most especially the F major Nocturne and the B flat minor Scherzo (Chopin). I do not think I've ever heard them played more beautifully - and Lord knows I've heard both played ten thousand times."

James Mathis
Houston, TX

"I have had the occasion to listen to Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky several times, both in competitions, master-classes and concerts, and do not hesitate to say that he is ready for a major and international career."

Alexis Weissenberg